Kinyanjui a convicted Carpenter at Kamiti Prison has finally decided to open up about a crime she committed back then in 2006 at Matasia in Ngong.

According to Kinyanjui, it was on Sunday in 2006 when his wife left home for church at around 10:00 am and came back at 1 pm and prepared a nice meal for lunch and after the family ate Kinyanjui left for his 'Chama' and later on came home at around 9 pm where he found the gates locked and after knocking for a couple of minutes and found no response he decided to climb over the wall since she thought everyone was asleep.

After managing to sneak into the compound his Dogs started barking and then he saw a man coming from his house half-naked whom he later came to realize was one of his farmworkers who was also his good friend.

When he confronted her wife and asked her what the man was doing in his house her wife disrespected her and angrily shouted at him asking him to stop asking her such kinds of silly questions that have got no answers.

Kinyanjui felt humiliated and without thinking twice he grabbed her wife by the neck and strangled her to death as his kids watched helplessly and in fear.

''This was a lady I respected, loved, and married in a church; the mother to my lovely kids whom I had sacrificed a lot to give her everything that she ever desired for in this life. When I saw my farmworker coming out of my house half-naked my blood started boiling and I had no doubt in my mind that the two had been sleeping together. After the man managed to escape we argued and my wife handled the situation in a manner that provoked me and I ended up feeling insulted hence ended up committing a crime that I myself couldn't believe I had committed. I keep on recalling the sight of her dead cold body lying on the floor. After the crime I never escaped, instead I screamed for help and the neighbors arrived and later on I turned myself in at Kiserian Police Station where it took a couple of days before I was transferred to Rongai Police Station,'' Kinyanjui narrated.

After he committed the crime he was remanded at Industrial Area and was later transferred to Kamiti Prison where he was convicted and sentenced to death.

The father of three said he was a carpenter, a farmer and used to sell borehole water to his neighbors back then and was only 31-year-old when he killed his lovely wife.

Kinyanjui says that life in prison is hard and that his life is full of guilt for the crime he committed and he hopes that one day the court will forgive him and accept his confession.

''There is no way I could deny nor get rid of the evidence given out by children since they were used as the main key witnesses in court, I could not deny the charges since deep down I knew everything they were saying was the truth, it pains me that my kids had to witness everything an undergo the trauma, I've attended a couple of counseling sections and right now I feel a bit relieved my wife's family forgave me and they often come for a visit and this really gives me peace in my heart,'' He told the Nairobian.