A house help was charged some time ago for killing her 8-month-old baby and claimed the life of her daughter for resembling the ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

Appearing before Kibera senior resident magistrate Renee Kamau, the woman made the claim to dismiss a  contradictory statement that was made in the court that the murder motive was based on the baby refusing to drink the milk she had bought.

It was alleged by the prosecution of the case according to the report made by "STAR" that after killing the baby the lady hid the body.

It was after quite a while that the neighbors notice the baby had been missing and raised an alarm at Kilimani police station.

Sevelina Mwihaki Kamau was also accused by the prosecution for abusing marijuana on which led the magistrate to order her to be taken to Sevelina Mwihaki Kamau.

The magistrate Renee Kamau also denied her bond and barred her from taking a plea. The crime was allegedly committed last year but one in Riverside in Mwihakis employer's place.