There was tension in Kileleshwa as two rival church groups locked horns in Kileleshwa over the leadership of a church. 

DCI, in a statement, states that the clergymen at the church exchanged blows.

DCI statement read: "One group led by the incoming bishop Rev Dr. Joseph Kanyamu accompanied by over 60 congregants, forcefully gained entry into the church’s office by breaking its glass doors, in a bid to eject bishop Joseph Ntombura whose term had expired". 

The church’s guard alerted police at Kileleshwa police station, and they responded immediately to the situation.

The statement further read: "Two of Rev Kanyamu’s men were found to be armed with glock semi-automatic pistols, loaded with a total of 29 rounds of ammunition, 9mm caliber. The two armed men Kisito Matete, 43, and Peter Murasi, 36, were disarmed, arrested, and escorted to Kilimani police station where they’re currently being held".  

DCI says the police have kept the church under surveillance until the matter is addressed.