A college student whose Sh100 million account was frozen has gone to court seeking to get her money back.

The student defends her 102 million fortune and tells the court she has the right to enjoy it. 

Mid last month, the Assets and Recovery Agency took after Felista Nyamathira Njoroge.

Felista, a 21-year-old university student, was found with Sh. 102 million in her bank account.

She said she had received it from her boyfriend Merc De Mesel, although the Kenyan agency insists that the money in her account was proceeds of crime and money laundering.

Assets and recovery agency took to court seeking orders to freeze the account, which has Sh. 102,654,024 at the Co-operative Bank of Kenya. 

Nyamathira is a student at the Nairobi Technical Training Institute. 


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