A Ndeiya man was arraigned in a Kiambu court, charged with grievously injuring his relative's lactating dog. 

The accused, Daniel Waweru Mwaniki, is said that he unlawfully broke into his sister-in-law’s compound and attacked her female dog, leaving it with deep head, neck, and legs injuries.

It is said, the sister-in-law reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest, and prosecution of the accused. 

Mwaniki denied the charges before the Limuru Senior Resident Magistrate and was released on Ksh20,000 cash bail. 

Magistrate ruled the case will be heard on 28/4/2022, after being mentioned on 16.12.2021. 

There was drama at Tigoni police station, Limuru when Mwaniki attempted to walk home after answering the charge, claiming that he was out on bond. 

He was quickly grabbed by the police officers manning the virtual court, and taken to the cells, to await relatives to pay the cash bail.