Police are on a hunt for a perpetrator of a villainous act of claiming a life of a minor after an alleged squabble with her Mum.

According to 'Mwago Wa Mugikuyu' an online newspaper the deceased before her untimely death was a student at Springs of hope academy which is located at Munyuki, Lungari.

At the crime scene police also found a letter that was written on the girl's book suspectedly by the culprit and was blatantly placed on her chest.

“Pole kwa wazazi wa Ayuma. Nimemuua kwa sababu ulinikataa tufanye mapenzi na wewe. Ndio maana nimekutia machungu zaidi next ni mengine chunga sana…,” Part of the letter read

Apart from insinuating that his intention was driven by the vengeance of the deceased Mum for not making love with him, the suspect also left his phone number and a threat for more repercussion on the deceased family.