A teenager whose name has been kept unanimous to protect her identity has been rescued by a non-governmental organization identified as 'USIKIMYE' from her villainous Mum.

According to 'USIKIMYE', the teenager has gone through hell in the hands of her biological mum since when she was an infant.

When her Mum birthed her she alienated her on the nail and her impoverished grandmother was responsible for putting a slice of bread on the table for her.

Narrating her story 'Usikimye' said that when she was 3 years she became severely sick and was taken to Nairobi to her mother who upon feeling well her mum she started treating her as a nanny for her 2 small siblings.

She was also responsible for taking her siblings to school, running her Mum's small shop, and cooking for the family.

During her youthful endeavors, she revealed that she contracted HIV/AIDS which exacerbated her Mother's antagonism toward's her.

Her Mum started beating her to a pulp and was severally taken to the police for child endangerment by kind-hearted neighbors.

"When we rescued her, she had been stabbed in the eye by her mother. She had finished class 8 and her mother didn't want her to continue her education but to take care of her siblings and the Soko. Her deepest desire was to join the school, we believe in girls' access to education to give them opportunity denied to them to better their lives." Usikimye captioned

Nevertheless through the sexual and gender violence against women organization now the lady can have a reason to smile as today she joined a well-performing boarding school.