Livingstone Kaverenge is a husband and a dad who died yesterday under mysterious circumstances.

According to Anyamah Wa Anyamah, a Facebook user has alleged what happen to Kaverenge.

He reportedly said that Livingstone arrived home yesterday intoxicated and his fiancee was not pleased leading to an altercation.

After a couple of minutes exchanging words, things escalated and the wife ganged up with children to beat her husband.

"Walimpiga na vifaa butu (mpini,kisu na kiti)...the man died instantly and they decided to cover up by taking the body out kuhang kwa mti.. but inside the house kuna damu mingi" Anyamah Wa Anyamah reported.

He also added that the following day the wife went to a police station to report the matter.

"You look at the picture, the guy's feet are on the ground, almost kneeling with the rope holding him up. A class 2 cover-up gimmick" He added

The police are yet to release an official statement on the incident from the autopsy.