To some sad and disturbing news, a middle-aged Dad has been allegedly accused of sexually assaulting his nine-year girl on September 28.

The wicked father was caught in the act by his neighbor who blew the whistle after his impromptu visit to his house.

According to 'Usikimye' an NGO that deals with sexual and gender-based violence against girls and women they were alerted about the incident by a villager and moved swiftly to the kid's rescue.

"Yesterday night, a neighbor caught a father raping his nine-year-old, they called us at night and we are glad that we knew someone in that Kijiji, Susan picked the child while we called MSF  ambulance and they took her to hospital, this morning we took the girl to the government chemist because there was forensic evidence and the father has been arrested, thanks to the Kasarani CPU Cpl Hellen Morgan." Usikimye posted on their Facebook page.

Police are still on the hunt for the perpetrator of this reprehensible act.