Immanuel Gitamo has come a long way from Kitale, Transzoia county overcoming adversity to now being a Kenyan soldier in the US army.

"My brother and I were found abandoned by the roadside by a couple. I didn't know my real father and mother," said Gitamo during an interview with the Nation.

The couples struggled to raise them after adopting them as they were not well off such that he first owned his first pair of shoes when he was 14years-old.

In an interview with the Army journal in the US, he revealed that after finishing high school back in 2006 he moved to the US through a green card to further his studies and graduated with a Bachelors's degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering.

He later did a Master's degree in Nuclear Physics at the California Institute of Technology and upon finishing he pursued a Ph.D. in Astrophysics making him the first US soldier to have it.

His academic success has now enabled him to work with Musk's SpaceX, a company that manufactures, designs, and launches spacecraft and rockets.

"This is how I came to be part of the Space X project Falcon 9 which has been launched 107 times with 67 landings and 50 times having reflown tickets. 2027 SpaceX is a complete mission which we are still planning. It is meant to go to Mars," he revealed. It is through this project that he met US Billionaire Elon Musk, a man he says, he admires a lot due to what he has accomplished.