A middle-aged man was arraigned in court on Monday for allegedly throwing a woman from the 12th floor of the Nairobi CBD building during their first date.

The suspect, Moses Gatama Njoroge invited Eunice Wangari Wakimbi on September 13th, 2020 to his office which is situated in Ambank House.

The duo initially met on Facebook where they planned to meet for their first date in Nairobi. Eunice traveled from her place of residence in Karura in Kiambu county to meet her new fiancee.

According to what Eunice told Nairobi Principal Magistrate Esther Kimilu, upon her arrival in Nairobi the suspect directed her to meet him at Ambak House where they first imbibed an alcoholic drink.

While recounting her ordeal in court on Monday she told the court that a contention ensued when she rebuffed Moses's sexual advances leading to a fight that made her thrown from the window.

The lady added that she survived the fall because she landed on the 9th floor but sustained solemn pelvic injuries which lead her to be hospitalized for 2 months at Kenyatta National Hospital.

The accused was charged with 1 count of causing grave bodily harm. The case is still proceeding in court.