Stories of famous celebrities in Kenya going broke have become like a common trend of late, most people blaming the production Houses for paying peanuts to these big entertainers who work hard day in day out to ensure their fans got something valid to view on their screens.

Most of those who end up falling as victims end up engaging themselves in drug abuse while others end up as mental health victims and their careers come to an end due to the lack of help and support that these people badly need.

It's been barely a month since Omosh a famous former actor of the Kenyan series Tahidi High came into the limelight crying for help due to financial struggles and a lot of people cheaped in and came to his rescue and he is currently in a better state than he was before.

Another actor from the same TV series has come out pleading with Kenyans of good heart to help her since she is currently undergoing difficult times.

In a live interview with TUKO actress Joyce Kimani who played the role of a staff worker in Tahidi High known as Kellen narrated her story and brought out a sad picture that really described how much struggle they've been going through together with her family.

The actress pleaded with well-wishers to kindly help her clear her daughter's school fees areas which are over Ksh. 70,000. The mother of four said she has no family member she can cry ou to since she is an orphan and was brought up in one of the children's home.

She revealed that her parents died while she was of tender age and while growing up she really tried to work extra hard in order to secure a brighter future.

During her time in Tahidi High the actress managed to save the little she was earning and invested the money in her Kiosk business but if failed to pick up as she expected.

After the Tv series ended Ms.Kimani was unable to find an appropriate job for herself and so she decided to open a food Kiosk with her savings where she used to cook and sell different types of food in Kawangware but most of the times she would end up throwing food due to lack of customers.

''I am physically challenged and I walk on a canvas and the one am using right now is completely worn out and I can't purchase a new one due to lack of money.Am unable to pay my rent currently both my form two boy and my bigger girl whose a form four candidate are recently at home due to lack of school fees , I badly need help, my form four girl  was given a reprive because she is about to sit for her KCSE exam and I have been asked to clear her fees of about Ksh. 71,000 hence she won't be allowed to attend her classes,'' She said.

She has kindly asked those who would wish to help her, to reach her through her phone number which is 0721173665- Joyce Kimani.