King'ori Wambaki has over the past few years been making a great profit by selling a Kikuyu traditional liquor known as Muratina in the United Kingdom.

The young man came up with a brilliant idea of packaging the drink in one of the fanciest wine bottles and decided to spice up the drink with honey and named it Muratelia.

King'ori sells the drink @ksh. 1,419 and Ksh.3,727 depending on where one decides to purchase the drink in London.

He is from Othaya Nyeri County and holds a master's of science in economics, however, he resided in the UK in search of greener pasture, according to him his current business has been earning him more income compared to when he was employed.

According to the economist, his greatest plan in mind right now is to find plans on how to market the drink worldwide, as he is currently supplying the drink in three restaurants and four retail shops in the UK.