A Kenyan man who has been identified as Gitau has come out to the limelight that he's gay though his wife ain't aware.

The 36-year-old revealed that he was engaged with his wife in 2018 after meeting at a city club that is frequently full of LGBTQ members.

Through the three years, Gitau has sired three children.

In June 2020 he met John 'Not his real name' on tinder and embarked on dating unknowingly that John was his brother in law.

"Every time he would call even in the middle of the night my wife never suspected me of cheating because she would hear a man's voice. I kept our relationship a secret and would travel across the country with Alex, spending several nights away from home." he explained

He said that he was so uncomfortable at the family gathering that was held in Murang'a where he had attended with his family just to be welcomed by 'John.