The social media went ablaze following a daylight drama where a young lady, who was shopping in town, went completely topless while trying on a new bra she bought from a hawker on the streets.

The viral video circulated online like a bush fire, and the lady is seen stripping down to her brassiere and underwear, and she doesn't seem to care. 

However, she held her avocados well and in place, as she proceeded to remove her bra right in the middle of the street. 

This pretty lady skillfully shielded her avocados from falling out and getting exposed, as you can see in the video, as the hawker helped her to unfasten the hooks at her back.

It is said that this drama occurred in Ghana, as someone in heard speaking in a local dialect Twi while giving commentary, wondering how a fully grown man was selling bra on the streets to earn a living.