Vera Sidika a socialite, celebrity, and social media personality has come to the limelight to respond to the trolls' claim that she didn't serve her visitors with food during her star-studded baby shower.

The over-hyped baby shower happened on Sunday, October 10 at a high-end residential place in Nairobi.

After the ceremony, Netizens have been accusing the heavily pregnant socialite of lifting old appetizing dishes photos and claiming is what she served her guest with.

Responding to the claim, Vera took it to her Instagram stories in the effort of dispelling the claims and shared screenshots of the allegations with more photos of the food and drinks.

She censured her critics that they are used to cheap events where the food is kept at the main scene.

 "Haters will be in their single room hating on a party they didn’t attend. How are you not at a party and claim there was no food or drink and how is that your business anyway? The problem with broke people is that they don't understand that in high-end parties food and buffet are done away from the decor setup. They are used to cheap parties. They also don't know that plates for decor in most cases are not necessarily used as serving plates. They are for decor and should stay untouched. Some of these haters are used to going to party on empty stomach only to serve five plates of food unlike rich people," she captioned

Vera had dressed in a long pink custom-made dress for the event while her fiancee Brown Mauzi rocked in with a pink pocket square and a white suit.