Having affairs while still in marriage has become a rampant practice among the millennial generation.

But Caroline Gatwiri from Meru has raised the bar after dating more than 5 men but the end has been premium tears,

Gatwiri was caught up in a dilemma today after her boyfriend decided to lay a trap to her that would determine whether she has been cheating.

Evans Murume one of her five husbands orchestrated the investigation of finding out the other fiancee of Caroline.

After his successful pursuit of finding them, he contacted them and asked to meet them last Saturday.

After the meeting, they agreed to lay a trap to Gatwiri where they decided Mr. Murume ask Ms. Gatwiri for an out today on Utamanduni day holiday.

Earlier today Murume sent her transport money and direction but upon her arrival, she met all his five babes waiting for her.

Nairo24 is still following the story to know what happened next.