Joyce Muthoni AKA Sonie joined Tinder with the hope of getting a rich fiancee like one of her friends who met an upper-crust politician.

"I had given up on love. All my exes were not serious and some kinda took advantage of my kindness. I joined and within an hour, I came across different profiles and one of a guy identified as Ken struck my mind, I swiped right, and immediately we started chatting. He told me he was related to a powerful Kenyan politician and preferred to meet somewhere very private because he didn't want to be seen by the 'paparazzi'. I was happy I had met that man because from his chats, he sounded mature and someone with a great future," Sonie recalled.

The 31-year-old after some talk with Ken she liked her and invited him to her house and ended up sleeping at her place that night.

The following day Sonie woke up very early in the morning prepared some breakfast for her prince charming and proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower after a long night.

Upon finishing taking a shower she was amazed Ken had vanished with her home bank which had over Ksh40k and some expensive perfume she had bought and blocked her everywhere.

Speaking to Tuko, Sonie now has advised women not to take their crush to their houses adding that now she has deleted her account Tinder account and uninstalled the app.