Kenyan man identified as Eliud Kihara has revealed his journey of finding a soulmate whom he now married in a colorful wedding ceremony on September 11, 2021.

In a post, he made in Thriving couples facebook group he explained how their love story was ignited with a "HI" back in 2018 on Facebook.

At this time they were both in other relationships but for him it was unromantic and they were chatting until late at night.

Kihara said he was agitated when Purity posted a WhatsApp status with a man holding her waist after they have been flirting and chatting for a while.

"I got a little agitated because she was dating. She went mute until December 5, 2019, when she posted on her Whatsapp status another man holding her by her waist, I was mad and I ended up calling  her "Ng'ombe hii navenye nakupenda" that was the first time she knew I loved her."

After the message, they went silent until June 2020 when purity sent her a friend request again.

On July 15 2020 Eliud it was her birthday and Eliud broke the silence by wishing her a happy birthday and they exchanged contacts again.

After her birthday she got sick and her man alienated her and Eliud stepped in and started cooking, washing, and nursing her without getting intimate.

"We started living at her place since I was staying at my workplace. Three months into the relationship nilikua nishalipa hadi (I paid) dowry. Love is sweet now we're married and enjoying life
together," he narrated.

It was after this that Purity fell on him and gave her a chance.