Wonders shall never seize. A middle-aged man has astonished netizens after his photo went viral on social media platforms.

The man whose identity remains anonymous was hinted by his friends that his wife was secretly having illicit affairs with a friend.

In a well-orchestrated move, the man arrived at Shamakhokho lodging where he found her wife in the act with a man who escaped upon seeing him.

According to a Facebook user identified as Simon Aswani, the man decided to board a bodaboda together with his wife who was unclothed, and headed to the lady's parents.

'This guy found his wife at Shamakhokho lodging. He put him on a motorcycle directly to the parents, isn't that better than stabbing someone with a knife?' Simon Aswani captioned his post.

The post caused mixed reactions across facebook some supporting him for not hurting her while others cursed the shame he did to her wife.