A young Ghanaian lady has spellblind netizens after she missed a substantial birthday gift surprise from her boyfriend.

According to Nana, A popular tweep, She explained through her Twitter handle that the lady was sent 35 pieces of large-sized pizza by her lover and asked her to pay the delivery guy.

Upon the Pizzas arrival, the gutsy girlfriend called her man with appreciation but before the end of their call, she requested him to pay Ksh 219 for delivery.

Furiously, the man decided to fix her wagon and ordered the driver to go for the delivery money at his office but not to leave the pizzas.

The delivery guy delivered the package to the man's office and without hesitation, the man shared out the Pizza with his cohort.

The comical and still bereaving story kindled mixed reactions among the tweeters some exceedingly displeased by the lady and supporting the man's decisions.