Drama ignited yesterday at a local bar in Embu town after a man added viagras to his lover's drink.

The middle-aged man accused his girlfriend of having affairs according to the eyewitness who witnessed a heated argument between the two in a local bar.

Not long after the argument that normalcy reigned, the man paid the bill and left the lady in the bar.

After a while the lady started losing control and was evidently in dire need of a reliever, suspecting that her boyfriend had unnoticed dropped sex enhancement drug in her drink.

The receptive lady started crying for help in the entertainment joint and failing to get help inside she went outside rolling on the ground crying for help from the passerby.

“The lady started shouting and rolling. She ran to the men who had gathered in and out of the bar,” an eyewitness told K24 Digital.

The lady was rushed to hospital while Embu authorities have promised to get to the core of the matter as reported by K24 Digital