A lovely Ghanaian couple, Prince and Anne have stunned social media with their love story.

The two who are now set to walk down the aisle on October 9 indicated that they have been dating for about 7 years without getting intimate.

This was according to SikaOfficial, a popular Twitter user who shared the tweep.

"According to Prince, he dated Anne for seven years without getting intimate and they are getting married next month. Congrats Prince, you are the man," SikaOfficial congratulated the couple on the proud feat.

Whereas you'd expected praises from the netizens to the couples for remaining chaste, there received a lot of censures mostly men insinuating Prince is impotent.

Here are some of the online reactions.

@Barracksjollof: "Seven years without getting some? Was this an online relationship?
@Benself5: "Not saying it should happen but what if the two get married and the lady discovered the guy cannot rise to the occasion, what will she do?"
@priceless_cee: "What if he has a small member that’s why he didn’t touch her? I’ve witnessed a situation like this before and until now, the lady wants to divorce her husband.
Only the pastor's intervention is keeping the union afloat."