Former Tahidi High Actress Mrs. Ngatia who is also Omosh's first wife pleaded with Kenyans to build her a house.

Speaking in a joint interview with her husband on Thursday, August 19, Mrs. Ngatia said she lives in a bedsitter with their 3 children.

Mrs. Ngatia said she has been thrown out of four houses in the past two years due to rent arrears as landlords do not believe a famous person can lack money to pay rent.

"My landlords used to see us on TV and would not believe that we could not pay rent. One time, I used to stay in Umoja but was thrown out by the landlord saying my husband has a big name," said Ngatia.

She said that she owes many people money and that's the reason she avoids walking along specific routes.

Mrs. Ngatia added that she currently owes her landlord two months' rent arrears amounting to Ksh 10,000.

She further pleaded with Kenyans to build her a one-bedroom house so she can stop paying rent.

"Even if I get a one-bedroom, metal house, I would move into it very fast. I don't want to disturb people because I know times are hard.I would appreciate it even if I get a temporary structure for now," she said.

Mrs. Omosh said her life changed since the year 2020 when the pandemic struck.

"Life has been challenging for us since the covid-19 pandemic struck. But, when I was at Tahidi High, at least I could feed my children. I have suffered together with my children. They have been chased away from school over fees many times," She said.