In the modern world, love has been commercialized and society believes that no lady can date a broke man.

Well, this might not be the narrative any longer as a Twitter user identified as _UncleTochi graced Twitter with a resonating tweep about his love life with his wife.

Tochi began his story by reminiscing about how he met his wife and the financial drawbacks that made him sell his household and vacate to a not-so-comfortable house.

Taking to Twitter he said how he met his wife Onyinyechi and how he always made excuses to restrain her from visiting his house as he felt the lady would have called off the relationship.

Her lover kept putting on pressure to visit him and Tochi decided to let her expecting for the worse.

To her surprise when the lady visited was so compassionate about his lifestyle and promised and promised to 'eat what you eat and sleep where you sleep'.

"I have watched to see if she would want to end the relationship with me and move on with another man who has all she wants but she chose to stick by me, pray for me, encourage me, and constantly show care and concern about me," he said.

"I asked her if she's gonna be okay sleeping in my place as I don't have a bed anymore and I don't see it comfortable for her enough as it's a floor with bedsheets,
which I myself don't find okay sleeping on but I got no choice. She laughed a little and said to me" he added