Henrietta Moraa Isaboke moved to America 21 years ago after her Dad obtained a green card in 2000 while she was just 13-year-old.

Talking to JABEZ she said that she never counted in her life that she can ever take farming as a career especially after receiving the good news that they were relocating to a first-world country.

However, in 2006, her Mum started a small kitchen garden in which she used to grow vegetables like collard greens, kale (Sukuma wiki), Swiss chard (spinach), and tomatoes.

Before this, they were relying on visitors from Kenya to bring them some dried vegetables and her mom started farming so that they would obtain fresh vegetables from back home there in the US.

Having only one acre a business opportunity presented itself as neighbors started making orders of their products.

Agriculture has been a lucrative venture, for now, she said that her household is making a living out of selling managu, chinsaga, kunde, mchicha (both green and red ) mrenda, broccoli, tomatoes, Jilo (Brazilian eggplant), and maize, kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, peas, pumpkins, and beans.